RotoClone W

Product Overview

The RotoClone® W is the most cost effective, high-efficiency wet dust collector in its class. Combining a dust collector with a centrifugal fan, saving space and enhancing its suitable for a wide variety of different applications. The distinguishing feature of the RotoClone® W is the addition of a fine water film on the impeller blades to capture even the smallest of dust particles.

Handling hot, moist gas streams and sticky dusts is a major challenge in many industrial processes and costs to control the problem can spiral out of control. The RotoClone® W is the ultimate cost-effective solution that requires no compressed air, filter cartridges or fabric bags. This also ensures that performance at peak efficiency is maintained without interruption or downtime.

The RotoClone® W is recommended for the collection of light loadings of granular dusts and mist. Dynamic forces developed by the rotating impeller cause even the finest particles to impinge on, and be trapped by, the flowing water film which covers all blade surfaces.

RotoClone W


  • High efficiency
  • Minimum water requirements
  • Low installation cost
  • Provides continuous operation
  • Constant exhaust volume
  • Small space requirements
  • Versatility
  • No secondary dust problem
  • Serves as fire barrier in restaurant range hood applications
  • Factory Mutual & ULC approved


  • Food quality features
  • 90-degree outlet
  • Expansion chamber
  • Bearing pedestal
  • Motor mount
  • Inlet housing
  • Centrifugal outlet

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