Side Access Polyseal

Product Overview

The Side Access Polyseal filter housing is engineered for use with air handling units or other side access equipment. It offers the convenience of servicing the filter from outside the air duct and is especially suited for installations involving limited headroom. It is a general-purpose filter housing that provides mechanical strength, ease of use and economy. It will accommodate both 2" and 4" prefilters and final filters used in combination or individually.

The Polyseal filter track sealing system utilises a high-density Nylon piled gasket which is automatically positioned against the final filter as it is installed into the mounting track. The integrity of the seal is ensured because it is “air actuated.” The air pressure on the upstream side of the filter dynamically forces the filter against the gasket. The air passes through the filter and is cleaned — no dirty air bypass. Vertical sealing between filters is provided by gasket strips applied to the sides of the final filters and to the doors of the housing.

The Side Access Polyseal housing was specifically designed to meet IAQ air cleaning requirements when used with AAF high-efficiency filters treated with an antimicrobial. Many factors contribute to IAQ problems, but the primary contributors are particulate dust and microbial contamination in the air we breathe. By upgrading your HVAC system to AAF high-efficiency filters with antimicrobial and Polyseal side access housings to ensure filter sealing integrity, you remove the minute airborne particulate that causes allergic reactions, discomfort, and health risks. Buildings with a cleaner air supply have reduced maintenance costs and healthier, more productive employees and tenants.


  • 5 depths
  • 96 sizes
  • Rugged doors
  • Structurally rated up to 6" positive pressure
  • 16-gauge galvanised steel
  • Welded construction
  • 1-5/16" flanges
  • Integral prefilters, 2" or 4"
  • Internal bracing
  • Compact design
  • Factory assembled
  • Easy to install

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