Product Overview

The OptiFlo® RC dry dust collector is the optimum solution to a wide variety of industrial dust control issues. Working in synergy with AAF's class-leading REDClean® cartridges, maximises filtration efficiency, extends filtration life, reduces operational pressure drop and lowers compressed air consumption. This results in a substantial reduction to the operator’s overall life cycle cost, maximising return on investment and reducing the cost of plant ownership.

Typical Applications:

I   Metalworking
I   Food Processing
I   Pharmaceutical
I   Industrial Processes
I   Woodworking

OptiFlo RC
  • Compact modular design for small footprint requirements

  • Slimline inlet reduces turbulence, which minimises cartridge and media abrasion

  • Adjustable quick access latch and hinged door greatly reduces cartridge change-out time

  • Designed to meet ATEX regulations for combustible dust hazards

  • Improved pulsing reduces compressed air usage and increases filter efficiency

  • Utilisation of industry leading REDClean® cartridge nanofiber media

For sizes and performance data:

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