Grinding Reduced
Grinding is defined as the process of cutting by means of an abrasive grinding wheel (e.g. angle grinder). It is also the most practical way to remove a thin layer of material from the host surface – i.e. by the use of a grinding wheel. By definition, the grinding process will create a great deal of particulates – all the ground off material will exist as newly created particles. Where ferrous metals are concerned, the grinding process is usually accompanied by significant sparking – where each spark is an incandescent “glowing” particle. There may also be metallic fume consisting of sub-micron particles where localised liquefaction and boiling of the base material occurs. The correct choice of collector will be the OptiFlo RC for moderate to light applications and the FabriPulse Fusion for heavy-duty applications. Precautions must be taken to manage the risk presented by live sparks entering the collector.