Color Additives Reduced

A common application for color additives is in the manufacture of confectionaries and soft drinks. However the addition of color also applies to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics and paint. Usually colured pigment is added in powder form into a vessel containing liquids although dry addition of pigment powder to dry batches of other constituent such as sugar, citric acid etc. can also apply. The vessel into which the addition occurs is best kept under a slight suction to prevent escape of fugitive particulates. The collector can be a compact wet scrubber or a small bag filter or cartridge filter. Elimination of cross contamination of batches is important so constant velocity in the ductwork is important with absolutely no reverse of flow. A wet collector is ideal in maintaining constant flow and has the advantage of not requiring manual handling of collected colored dusts. The RotoClone W is a compact scrubber and fan combined which allows for indoor location without explosion relief implications.