Product Overview

  • Noise survey and modelling
  • Acoustic consulting and calculation
  • Project feasibility
  • On-site assembly
  • Verification measurement
  • Maintenance and upgrade
  • Legislation consulting


AAF’s team of qualified acoustic engineers can offer a full range of acoustic services and site surveys. This includes technical assistance for plant feasibility studies, as well as cutting-edge noise mitigation solutions focusing on the design and implementation of turn-key solutions.

Multifunctional Team

AAF’s multifunctional team of acoustic, mechanical and structural engineers can establish optimum acoustic solution for any given plant. This process utilises in-house acoustic modelling and mapping software and any required testing is carried out at the AAF Product Development Centre in the United Kingdom.

Proven History

Working across a broad range of sectors and applications and with successful installations around the world, you can rely on the acoustic expertise of the AAF acoustic team.


AAF’s proprietary FEM codes deliver the most accurate predictions of silencer performance available. The leading calculation methods are benchmarked against hundreds of silencer tests to ensure you can rely on AAF’s data with confidence.

Wide-ranging Benefits

With 3D FEM solutions AAF can model the performance of any silencer geometry, achieving tailored solutions when faced with geometrical constraints or unusual flow profiles.

For sizes and performance data:

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