Stejasa Dampers

Dampers for Combined Cycle Power Plants

AAF’s wide range of Stejasa Dampers are suitable for both gas turbine and diesel and gas engine combined cycle power plants. They are also suitable for cogeneration sites where the hot gas from the exhaust is used in an industrial application e.g. the drying process in the ceramic industry or where the hot gases are directed to a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) to create steam for industrial processes e.g. the pulp and paper industry.

Stejasa Dampers have a renowned reputation for reliability and quality. Suitable for the most challenging of conditions our team of experts has designed and supplied world-leading dampers for over 40 years, with over 10,000 dampers installed around the world in that period. In 2015, AAF International acquired STEJASA and ever since then Stejasa Dampers have remained a key part of the AAF International product portfolio.

Group 35

Continuous power generation during boiler maintenance

Group 8-1

Enables emergency shutdown of HRSG

group 40

Very reliable with a low pressure drop

In a cogeneration system a Stejasa Diverter Damper is used to allow the hot gas created from a gas turbine or engine to either be discharged through a bypass stack or redirected into a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) to generate steam for industrial processes or to drive a steam turbine to generate more electricity.

The single blade Stejasa Diverter Damper is used in gas turbines over 45 MW or with an exhaust flow over 100 kg/s. The diverter damper achieves 100% sealing efficiency with a cavity formed by the seals. The landing bars are pressurized by a small fan to provide an effective air barrier, resulting in zero cross blade leakage.

  • Optimal sealing efficiency
  • High flexibility and reliability
  • Low power consumption on the seal air fans
  • Low thermal losses & low pressure drop

The Stejasa Gas Distributor is used for smaller gas turbines or engines typically less than 45 MW or an exhaust flow of less than 100 kg/s. They are used in a wide range of industries including power generation and petrochemical. They offer exceptional flow control performance during start up as well as processing steam or heat.

The Stejasa Gas Distributor is a T-shaped housing with one gas input and two outputs, both fitted with sealing blades so as one output opens the other one closes. This damper can be customized to suit the needs of a given installation, with rectangular or circular cross-sections, sealing air outputs and single or multi blades.

  • Optimal sealing efficiency
  • Highly customisable design
  • Easy shipping and field assembly
  • Low pressure drop

A Stejasa Repair Guillotine Damper is generally used in gas turbine installations to allow safe access to the HRSG while the gas turbine is still operating. This is essential when a positive isolation is needed to achieve safe routine maintenance or servicing.

Stejasa Repair Guillotine Dampers provide an enhanced safety measure, widely used in power generation. It is critical they are only used when the Diverter Damper or the Gas Distributor is closed to the HRSG. To view a fully automated and specialist Stejasa Guillotine Damper that can operate for on-off applications and without the need of a Diverter Damper or Gas Distributor please view Stejasa Industrial Dampers.

  • Additional sealing efficiency
  • Manual or electric actuators
  • External or internal insulation available
  • Low pressure drop

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