Low maintenance compact oil bath air filter for diesel and gas engines

The AAF CyCoil® is an oil bath air filter that provides uninterrupted filtered air to diesel and gas engines. Over the last 50 years it was been proven under virtually all operating conditions throughout the world and is suitable for harsh environments including deserts and high humidity. Dust-laden air is mixed with oil inside the filter then captured on special, self-cleaning, all metal filter pads, allowing clean air to pass directly into the engine.

Oil from an integral reservoir is continually circulated by negative inlet pressure, so the metal media pads are continually bathed by oil. This continual oil circulation allows the captured dirt and particulate to be washed from the pads and directed back into the reservoir. Here, the particulate settles out of the oil as sludge. Maintenance consists of periodically removing the inspection plate to scrape out accumulated sludge and refilling with clean oil.

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Economical operation

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Continuous self-cleaning

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Easy and low maintenance

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Features & Benefits

  • The CyCoil is a compact filter system with minimum space requirements.
  • Cleaning efficiency is more than 92% with AFI test procedures on Arizona Road Dust Fine.
  • The CyCoil requires no external power source and low maintenance.
  • CyCoil air cleaners are manufactured in different sizes to handle air volumes from 1,500 to 30,000 m³/h (1,000 to 18,000 CFM).

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