Product Overview

  • ISO 16890: ePM 1 and ePM 10
  • High continuous operating temperature up until 385 ˚C for improved throughput
  • Heat resistant aluminized materials ensure a spall- and flake-free finished product
  • Fully silicone free product to avoid costly process contaminations
  • High dust holding capacity facilitates a longer service life and fewer filter changeouts 

Typical Applications

  • Automotive
ISO 16890
  • ePM10 70%
  • ePM1 65%
  • ePM1 50%
  • M6
  • F7
  • F8
Filter Depth
  • 292 mm
Media Type
  • Fibreglass
Frame Material
  • Aluminized Steel
  • Glass rope gasket
Special Size Available
  • No
Max. Operating Temperature
  • 385 ˚C

The VariCel XL HT compact filter is designed to improve air quality in hot air systems, such as paint drying lines, with a great energy savings level and attractive life cycle cost. The air filter is able to handle high continuous temperatures in operation, up to 385˚C. Its sturdy and lightweight construction means that the VariCel XL HT filter is not only less susceptible to damage, but also easy to install and replace.

Consistent Air Quality

The VariCel XL HT filter is available in the EN779:2012 filter class range M6 - F8. This filter is free of silicones, in order to safeguard the air quality during the various steps of a drying process. Furthermore, no adhesives, sealants, or glues are used in the construction of the VariCel XL HT filter that could degrade at high temperatures and cause structural damage to the filter or affect the outcome of the drying process.

Improved Process Performance

The VariCel XL HT filter can be utilized at high continuously operating temperatures up to 385˚C for improved throughput. The robust aluminized steel construction, with faceguards and support bars, and the specially designed media pack, ensure filter integrity at high airflow and under turbulent operating conditions. This filter’s aluminized steel construction ensures a spall- and flake free finished product.

Environmental Savings

The specially designed media pack of the VariCel XL HT filter provides superior performance and longer service life, which reduces disposal and waste. The special media pack has a higher dust holding capacity than traditionally designed products in a compact 12” depth design. This filter’s compact design ensures a lower weight than market standard 17” depth products with comparable performance levels, resulting in less stress on air filter frames and easier installation.

Beneficial Total Cost of Ownership

The VariCel XL HT filter is designed for use in drying ovens with a maximum energy savings level and attractive lifecycle cost. In continuous operation at a car manufacturer’s paint drying line, the VariCel XL HT filter can provide up to 40% savings on energy costs compared to traditional designs, which equals a return on investment of less than 18 months. The filter is available in a box, single header, or double header construction, with the option of a glass rope gasket.


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