Product Overview

  • For turbulent airflow systems
  • Factory sealed airtight housing
  • Cleanroom accessible 
  • Meets the highest  standards of cleanroom  technology

Typical Applications

Cleanroom Lay in Light Fixture

This light fixture has been specifically designed for use in cleanrooms. The size of the Lay in Light fixture is designed for installation in a grid lattice of 300 x 1200 mm (2 tubes) or 600 x 1200 mm (4 tubes).

This Lay in Light fixture is compatible with the AAF 50 mm T-bar grid and AstroGel ND ceiling grid. A special Lay in Light fixture is designed for fluid seal applications. This Lay in Light fixture is similar to the other fixtures, but is also executed with a skirt. The skirt of the Lay in Light fixture penetrates the Gel or Protopet in the U-channels of the ceiling grid and forms an airtight seal with the ceiling grid.

The Lay in Light fixtures can be used as single units or installed in rows. These fixtures are provided with a plug for easy electrical connection. The modular construction of the Lay in Light fixtures enables easy installation.

These fixtures have concealed “T” type hinges for easy removal of the lens door assembly. The lens is secured with a chain to the housing. This makes it possible to easily exchange the fluorescent tubes.

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