Product Overview

  • Rigid, airtight construction
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Modular design
  • Minimum installation height
  • Rectangular connecting flange
The CR II module is suitable for installation of particulate filters, such as the AstroCel® II filter. The total installation height is only 120 mm (plus 25 mm for the connecting flange). This housing is designed for use in areas where air quality has to be an extremely high level.

Individual CR II modules can be assembled to form an air-supply ceiling suitable for use in operating theatres, associated preparation rooms, and intensive care wards, and for class 1 areas as defined in DIN 1946, Part 4 (1989).

The CR II module can also be used individually or as an air-supply ceiling in production areas in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries, as well as laboratories. 


The CR II module is made of high-quality stainless steel and is characterised by its rigid, airtight construction. This module is connected to the air supply duct by a rectangular connecting flange on top of the housing. Several CR II modules can simply be assembled together to form an air-supply ceiling. The AstroCel II particulate filter is positively positioned with the help of four spring latches and is secured at each corner with a double clamping mechanism.


The diffuser has an installation height of only 20 mm. A stainless steel perforated plate with orthogonal holes and 35% free surface area is supplied as standard. The air diffuser is hinged at one side and has a lock on the other side.

Special Features

A flange with a test groove according to DIN 1946 is available as an optional extra. This flange enables the testing of the gasket seal between main filters and housing. The stainless steel perforated plate air distribution element is also available painted with a powder coating if preferred. Connections are also available to allow differential pressure measurements and aerosol tests to be carried out.

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