Product Overview

  • Energy saving with T5 tubes
  • Increased light output
  • Greater visual comfort
  • Designed for laminar airflow systems
  • Minimizes turbulence in cleanrooms
  • High frequency ballast as  standard
  • Meets the highest standards of cleanroom technology

Cleanroom Light Fixture

This light fixture was specifically designed for use in cleanrooms. The small width (50 mm) of the light fixture and the special shape of the diffuser minimize turbulence and ensure that the laminar airflow in cleanrooms is not disturbed.
The light fixture is 1200 mm (28W) in length between the centerlines of the coupling pieces. Alternative lengths are 600 mm (14W) and 1550 mm (35W).

The light fixtures can be used as single units, with end caps or in continuous rows. For continuous row mounting, the end caps are replaced with a special double-end cap.

The modular construction of these light fixtures enables easy installation. Once the base profile has been installed, the reflector plate with electrical components is simply locked into the base profile and the cable connected to a power outlet. Up to 30 light fixtures can be supplied on one feed.

Legend Photograph

1. Base profile.
2. Reflector plate with electrical components.
3. Diffuser.
4. Coupling set, consisting of a special double end cap and connecting cable.
5. End cap with supply cable.
6. Fluorescent lamp (not supplied).
7. Emergency version (back-up battery) available.

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