Product Overview

  • Innovative design
  • Simplified installation
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Unique gel sealant


The AAF AstroGel ND fluid grid system is the latest generation of ceiling grid systems for cleanrooms. This new design gives the advantage of reduced turbulence, light weight, easier installation, flexibility, and improved aesthetics. AAF’s AstroGel ND fluid grid system meets all critical requirements in modern cleanroom technology for the electronics and semi-conductor industry.

Product Details

The AstroGel ND grid system is a modular design of extruded aluminum profiles and accessories, which enables a fast and easy installation at site and offers a substantial reduction in installation time. Specially designed joining pieces and other accessories make electrical conduits, sprinkler systems, and smoke detectors an integrated part of the ceiling grid, guaranteeing a leak-free ceiling system without mastic sealants at the joints. The AAF AstroGel ND fluid grid system offers a minimum of installation time and a maximum of flexibility. The standard color is glossy white.


Combined with the unique features of the gel sealant, the AstroGel ND system is the most advanced ceiling grid system available today. Protopet sealants can also be used as alternative when required.


Penetration points for sprinklers, electrical conduits, and smoke detectors are located in every joining piece, giving maximum flexibility in cleanroom design.

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