Product Overview

  • Available in 7 standard sizes
  • Light weight aluminum housing
  • LOW sound level
  • Suitable for all ISO cleanroom classes
  • Suitable for turbulent and laminar flow
  • Suitable for a wide range of AAF HEPA and ULPA filters
  • Available with EC RS-485, 0-10 Volt and MODBUS RTU control interface
  • 275 mm
  • 445 mm
  • 22 kg
  • 24 kg
  • 28 kg
  • 31 kg
  • 47 kg
  • 59 kg

The AstroFan FFU module comprises of an aluminum housing (2,0 mm) containing a high performance encapsulated AAF Optimized direct driven backward curved EC fan/motor combination and a replaceable AAF HEPA or ULPA filter.

The entire housing is easy to decontaminate and resistant to disinfectants. The housing seals and rests on the anodized aluminium extrusions of the AAF HEPA or ULPA filter. The
14 mm flat flange of the filter rests on the dry gasket, applied into the ceiling grid.

Reduced energy consumption and less noise thanks to AAF Optimized fan design.

AAF centrifugal fans with backward-curved blades are the new standard in ventilation and air-conditioning. AAF Fans include both noise minimization and a further decrease in
energy consumption. The optimized impeller with backward curved blades is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, enabling an aerodynamically optimized shape that cuts the
noise level in half and reduces power requirements significantly.

The ideal solution to minimize your planned and unplanned cleanroom downtime costs by offering:

  • More Flexibility
  • More Safety
  • More Convenience
  • More Cost Savings
  • More Reliability


The AAF AstroFan Filter Unit (FFU) is a self-contained ceiling fan filter module, designed for use in turbulent mixing and laminar airflow cleanroom areas. The unit is designed for utilization in the AAF 50 mm, 55 mm T-Bar ceiling grid, the AstroDry HD ceiling grid and compatible ceiling grids. The lightweight unit is easy to install. Typical applications include cleanrooms ISO.EN 14644-1,Class 5 (Class M 3.5 (100) to US Federal Standard 209E).

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