Product Overview

  • Holding frame for the DriPak® and VariCel® families of products
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • For 20 and 25 mm header sizes

Aluminium Filter Frame

The AAF Aluminium Filter Frame is a mounting frame for both 20 and 25 mm header designed compact and pocket filters, such as the VariCel filter and DriPak filter. By means of 4 spring latches, a positive seal is created between the filter and the neoprene gasket, which is permanently fixed in the frame.

The frame is made of highly corrosion-resistant extruded aluminium, type SPL 25. It is pre-drilled on all four sides for easy mounting in ducts, housing or banks.
Extruded aluminium stiffeners are available in a full length of 3,050 mm, or cut to size for any specific installation.

The stiffener is also pre-drilled and should be used in a bank of filters either vertically or horizontally on every third row. When servicing from the air entering side, a prefilter pad, such as the AmerGlas® M57 pad, can easily be installed and positioned with a retainer.


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