20 July 2020

System inspections, analysis, optimization, monitoring and on-site service from AAF ensure best possible air quality at reasonable Total Cost of Ownership.

Especially during challenging times, like in the middle of a pandemic, customers are faced with uncertainty and many open questions. We can back you up with in depth knowledge on airborne viral carriers and how to efficiently remove them. 

Because – Air. It's everywhere. In our homes. Our workplaces. Hospitals. Schools. It's what makes our lives possible. But billions of unseen particles are floating around us at any given moment – affecting our health, how well we breathe, the instruments that operate our facilities, and the products we produce. And yet, delivering, maintaining, and measuring indoor air quality isn't easy. AAF is delivering the latest advancements in filtration system design, analysis, optimization, and monitoring to help organizations save time and money while reducing risks. 

With Audit Services, data driven tools like TCOD or Sensor360, as well as On-Site Services we provide total TranspAIRency wherever high air quality is crucial.

Audit Services

A thorough air filter audit of your HVAC systems is the first step that AAF International takes in order to provide you with professional guidance and analysis for cost savings and risk reduction. By conducting this air filtration audit, we strive to understand your current filtration state and identify how your HVAC systems can perform optimally. Besides standard HVAC applications our industry experts can help you to understand also very specific requirements only relevant to your industry – no matter if you are running an automotive paint line or operate a pharmaceutical cleanroom.

You have questions or want to schedule an audit? Get in touch with your local AAF representative here.

Analysis & Optimization with TCO Diagnostic® – Optimizing Maintenance Schedules & Total Cost of Ownership

The most significant cost normally affecting Total Cost of Filter Ownership is energy. However, other costs, such as the filter itself, installation, disposal, freight, procurement, overhead, storage, and filter effectiveness in maintaining clean coils and ductwork to prevent ancillary maintenance costs, should also be considered in any total cost analysis.

The overall TCO includes direct and indirect expenses, as well as intangible ones that can have monetary values assigned to them. TCO Diagnostic accounts for all of these relevant variables while providing the most effective solution for your specific facility and needs. As a results this tool provides a complete optimization of your filtration system, saving you time and money compared to your current solution while also reducing risk.

Click here to request your TCO Diagnostic to optimize filtration efficiency levels at reasonable costs!

Real-time Monitoring with Sensor360™ – Making the invisible visible

AAF’s next-generation monitoring and facility management tool, Sensor360 enables the customer to understand and plan their air filter performance and maintenance in an entirely new way. Sensor360 is the first IoT (Internet of Things) patented technology platform that demonstrates the effectiveness of a building’s filtration system by monitoring particulate levels. Additionally, by monitoring pressure drop, the facility manager can determine the changeout point for the building’s filters that offers the best value and energy efficiency.

Information about air filter performance is then as simple as consulting the Sensor360 mobile phone app, which can be customized with user-defined alerts. Sensor360 offers instantaneous monitoring of a filter system's performance, automatically tracking pressure drop and PM1, PM2,5, and PM10 particulate levels. This eliminates the need to manually audit and collect filter data from the facility’s air handling systems, giving the user the ability to resolve potential IAQ issues before they negatively affect building occupants

Contact your AAF representative to see how the insights from intelligent monitoring technology can improve operational outcomes.

On-Site Services

Besides customer audits, system optimization and performance monitoring we understand that On-Site Services can be necessary when air quality problems are detected within very special applications or specific requirements need to be achieved. 

AAF offers a wide range of testing, qualification, cleaning services and consulting that can be tailored on customers' individual needs. Our services range from simple one-time technical support up to permanent on-site technician services. By doing this and if combined with our data driven tools, we are even able to provide clean air as a service on a 24/7 basis.

Especially during challenging times, like in the middle of a pandemic, customers are faced with uncertainty and many open questions. We can back you up with in depth knowledge on airborne viral carriers and how to efficiently remove them. Not only by utilizing most efficient air filters, but also via additional air handling equipment bringing a high degree of extra protection.

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