Apr 18-20 , 2018
Nordport Plaza Hotel Südportal 2, 22848 Norderstedt
At the fourth Leading Air Convention from 18 to 20 April 2018, DAIKIN once again offers you a platform for exchange and networking with all players in the industry. According to our motto "Einfach.Gemacht." You can look forward to an extraordinary event.

The Leading Air Convention will begin on Wednesday with an optional visit to the Arborea Marina Resort Hotel, DAIKIN FOR F.R.E.E winning project. In the evening, the event starts with the opening at the Nordport Plaza Hotel. Thursday and Friday will once again be dominated by the usual well-founded product presentations, which this time will take place directly at plant locations in the hotel, as well as the podium discussion on the current refrigerant issue. Our top-class panel of experts from the construction and energy industry discusses the opportunities and risks arising from the F-Gas Regulation.

In addition, show chef and guest speaker Bernd Trum will be present, who will introduce us to the art of simple yet sophisticated cooking and whose show cooking promise tasty and enthralling entertainment. Be there too!