Customer Profile:

  • One of the Nation's Top Cardiovascular Hospitals
  • 595-Bed Hospital System
  • 3 Separate Campuses
  • Air Handling Units Ranged From 2 to 30 years of service


Significant improvement in the indoor air quality in the complete hospital system, while staying within budgetary constraints.

The AAF Solution:

  • The AAF Solution started with an Air Filtration System Survey performed by AAF that revealed the need for improvements, particularly in the older AHUs.
  • The hospital system decided to upgrade all three campuses to AAF’s MEGAcel I HEPA filters for the critical areas of the hospitals (ER, Surgery, ECU).
  • The hospital also decided to upgrade patient care and non-critical areas to AAF’s VariCel VXL filters. PerfectPleat® HC M8 filters were utilized as prefilters.
  • Once the MEGAcel I filters were installed, a particle count test was conducted in the AHU system. This test measured the amount of particulates in the system upstream and downstream from the newly installed MEGAcel I filters, compared to the MERV 14 filter particle count results.

The Result:

  • Particle count tests verified the dramatic improvement to the hospital’s air quality -
    • 96% reduction in 0.3 µm downstream particles 
    • 98% reduction in 0.5 µm downstream particles