Product Overview

  • Filter class EN779:2012: G2 - G3
  • Media: knitted steel wire
  • Optional: antimicrobial treatment
  • Filter frame: galvanized or stainless steel
  • Temperature limit: 65 (treated) - 200 oC (untreated)
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Improves hygiene
ISO 16890
  • Coarse 35%
  • G2
  • G3
Filter Depth
  • 48 mm
Media Type
  • Knitted steel wire
Special Size Available
  • No
Max. Operating Temperature
  • 65 ˚C (treated)
  • 200 ˚C (untreated)

Applications & Classifications

HV2000 permanent washable air filters are designed to collect grease and oil mist in kitchens. They are also suitable for use as prefilters in heavy-duty HVAC and non-pulsating machinery intake installations, when impregnated with AAF’s exclusive dirt trap adhesive BA Viscosine.

This filter is always supplied in a dry state, without Viscosine. If Viscosine is required, this process is carried out on site. When impregnated with BA Viscosine the filter is classified G3, while in the dry state the filter has a rating of G2 in accordance with EN779:2012.

Sturdy, Reliable Construction

Lightweight and only 48mm deep, the HV2000 filter is available in either fully galvanized or stainless steel construction. The media pack consists of multiple layers of undulating metal sheets formed into a herringbone structure in combination with fine layers of expanded metal sheets.

This multiple layer design creates an effective grease-holding barrier, while also allowing clean air to move unhindered through the media. Faceguards on both the air leaving and air entering sides provide ample protection for the media pack and contribute to this filter’s sturdy construction and appearance. The HV2000 filter displays a uniform high cleaning efficiency over a wide range of velocity, which is advantageous when air volumes cannot be pre-determined or when a change in air volume is necessary. This filter is also available either with or without handles.

Easy to Clean

The HV2000 filter can be washed in a solution of detergent and warm water. These cleaned cells can then be re-impregnated with Viscosine dirt trap adhesive. Special washing and charging tanks are available upon request.

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