AirfIow 450 m³/h
 CADR (particulate matter)  354 m³/h
 CADR (formaldehyde matter)  130 m³/h
 Rate of cleaning bacteria  98.6%
 Using area for  24-26 m²
 Housing color / Material  White / Electrostatic Spraying
 Filter configuration

 Coarse panel filter + V-Bank gas-phase filter

+ V-Bank E12 / H13 HEPA filter

  • The compact design of machine integrated with three-stage of high-performance filters can efficiently remove indoor fine particles, harmful gases, bacteria and virus.
  • First-stage coase panel filter is used to effectively remove indoor large particles, dust and hair.
  • Second-stage V-Bank gas-phase filter can effectively remove indoor TVOC, odors, harmful gases, such as formaldehyde.
  • Third-stage V-Bank EPA / H13 HEPA filter is able to remove indoor fine particles such as
    PM2.5, PM1 and bacteria and virus.
  • The machine adopts low-noise, high-torque DC fan, and three-speed switch function.The optimized sealing structure can effectively control noise.
  • Quick ceiling mounted structure design is suitabe for pipelines and surface mounted environment.With upstream and downstream pressure drop detection port, it meets the professional site testing requirements.
  • Easy-to-replace air duct adapters at both ends for on-site installation.
  • Humanized automatic stop function when opening cover to protect operator safety.

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