Product Overview

  • High-efficiency filters designed to improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Suitable for retrofit into existing HVAC systems, specification in new construction, or for direct replacement of 292 mm deep, single-header filters
  • Particulate and gaseous contaminant removal
  • Highest activity carbon = highest adsorption
  • Corrosion-free, non-metal construction
  • MERV 15 (F9 class)
  • Can assist in meeting National Ambient Air Quality Standards in nonattainment areas
  • F9
Filter Depth
  • 292 mm
Media Type
  • Chemical
Frame Material
  • Plastic

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Odour Removal

IAQ issues are unpredictable. They can appear suddenly and may be a one-time occurrence or an on-going nuisance. No matter what the cause, when the air smells bad, it is unpleasant, distracting and potentially unhealthy — and people associate unpleasant odours with dirty air. In many instances, making extensive changes to the air handling system to eliminate the problem is not easy, timely or cost-effective.

VariSorb XL15 high efficiency filters are designed to improve indoor air quality through the effective removal of indoor and outdoor particulate and gaseous contaminants typically found in the urban environment. This includes VOCs, SOx, NOx, and Ozone. The VariSorb XL15 filter is suitable for retrofit into existing HVAC systems, for specification in new construction, or for direct replacement of 292 mm deep, single-header filters.


VariSorb XL15 filters consist of filter elements assembled in a V-bank configuration in high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) cell sides. The header and cell sides provide a sturdy construction that resists damage during shipping, handling, and operation. Constructed of plastic, the VariSorb XL15 filter is fully incinerable. The pleated filter elements provide a high media area and low resistance.


The VariSorb XL15 filter features a pleated media comprised of very high-activity carbon particles bonded into a three-dimensional network of bicomponent fibers that maximises the exposure of the sorbent to gas. These small carbon granules, unlike traditional granular-bed chemical filters, provide a granular microstructure that results in a high spontaneity of adsorption. Combined with the dense packing of the microstructure, this creates a tortuous path for the contaminant, resulting in a high yield for the filter. Dusting is nearly eliminated, and pressure drop is minimised. The carbon media is laminated to a synthetic particulate filtration layer, which provides a high level of efficiency at minimal resistance.

Additional Features

VariSorb XL15 filters replace existing HVAC filters of the same type, with no changes required for frames or latches. They are packed in polyethylene bags to preserve capacity and cleanliness.

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