Product Overview

  • Multi-layer pleated media filter for both single and multiple gaseous contaminants
  • High adsorption capacity, high removal efficiency
  • For re-circulation units and fan filter units
Single Header
  • No
Pressure Drop
  • 120 Pa
Frame Material
  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Impregnated Activated Carbon - IAC
  • ION exchange resin - IER
Removal Efficiency
  • >95
Varisorb PL
  • IAC Low - 333 cubic feet per minute
  • IER No -333 cubic feet per minute

Sturdy Construction

The VariSorb PL Chemical Filter, with metal cell sides and pleat spacers on both the air entering and air leaving sides, provides a sturdy, reliable construction that does not deteriorate under tough operating conditions.The pleated design helps to maintain a compact and unitized structure that is suitable for variable air velocity systems and repeated fan shutdown without compromised performance.

Excellent Performance

The VariSorb PL Chemical Filter is designed for removal of medium and low concentrations of gas-phase contamination in recirculation units and fan filter unit systems. The multi-layer media design of this filter means that it can remove multiple types of gaseous contaminants. The pleat spacers on both the air entering and air leaving sides increases filter rigidity while maintaining an equidistant spacing between pleats for maximum absorption capacity and minimized resistance. 

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