Product Overview

  • Multi-layer pleated media filter for both single and multiple gaseous contaminants
  • High adsorption capacity, high removal efficiency
  • For cleanroom recirculation unit and Fan Filter Unit (FFU)
Max. Operating Temperature
  • 40 ˚C
Relative humidity
  • 30-70%
Cell Sides
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Impregnated Activated Carbon - IAC
  • ION exchange resin - IER
Dust Emission
  • IAC media - ISO Class 6
  • IER media - No

Removal Contaminants

The VariSorb CE chemical filter has metal cell sides and a sandwiched media pack that contains multiple layers of chemical media for gaseous contaminant removal.


The VariSorb CE filter features a pleated multi-layer media comprised of high activity carbon, impregnated carbon, ion exchange resin sandwiched between non-woven synthetic layers. The multi-layer media design allows for various chemical media  to be utilized in order to capture multiple gaseous contaminants in a single filter. Target contaminants include:


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