Product Overview

The S-Trap L removes airborne particles by inertial separation and is normally self cleaning. The product is designed as a bolt-on prefilter for Air Handling Units placed in areas with sand or dust storms or otherwise exposed to heavy dust loads.

S—Trap L (STL) is optimised for buildings with limited space and access. The construction is lightweight to have minimum load on the building structure. The riveted construction allows on-site assembly wherein components may come in flat-packed for portability.

The S—Trap L shares the same efficiency and filtration capacity of the STHD model with an arrestance of 92% when tested with SAE J 726 Coarse Dust. The S-Trap L also operates at reduced flow with a pressure drop as low as 50Pa while maintaining efficiency above 90%. Combined with the portability, compactness and lightweight, this makes the S-Trap L ideal for retrofit installations.

  • Industry leading capacity
  • High filtration performance with lower pressure drop
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Self-cleaning
  • Hot deep galvanised steel & riveted
  • On-site assembly possible
  • Quick & easy removable inlet grill and filtration elements

Heavy Duty Performance
Built to withstand harsh environments, rust free, self-cleaning, rigid design for stiff stacking and equipped with long-lasting materials

Casing, filtration elements, inlet grills and others components are individually hot-dip galvanised steel. And it is constructed by riveting each part assuring rust-free throughout lifetime

Smart design to optimise the space, weight and installation. Easy to remove inlet grill and filtration elements for convenient inspection and cleaning. Dust chute can be ordered in bottom centre side, right side or left side of the

S-Trap L can be produced in different material based on customer preference
• Galvanised steel sheet metal
• Galvanised steel + Paint (customized)
• Stainless Steel

Accessories / Add-Ons
• Secondary fan
• Control panel
• Manometer
• Weather Hood
• Support Legs

R&D test shows that S-Trap can also filtrate other particles than sand, which makes this inertial filter ideal for pre-filtration in many industries, please consult our sales for further details.

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