Product Overview

  • Factory assembled for easy on-site installation
  • Self-cleaning operation
  • Low airflow resistance
  • Long service life
  • Up to 92% arrestance on Arizona Coarse Test Dust 

Dust Louvre Housing is a heavy-duty self-cleaning filter that is equipped with an inertial separator for filtration of dry, granular contaminants. Typical applications include:

• Pre-filter for air conditioning and ventilating systems in heavy industrial conditions.
• Pre-filter in areas with severe atmospheric conditions, such as dust and sand storms.
• Air inlet filter in all types of industrial, public, and commercial buildings.

This Housing has one or more rectangular air inlet aperture(s). Behind each, a dust louvre pocket is connected to the housing. A wire mesh screen protects the aperture(s) and louvre(s). 

The Dust Louvre Housing is available in nineteen sizes. The primary air capacity of each housing is determined by the pressure drop of each particular system. The recommended pressure drop range is 125 Pa to 300 Pa over the housing. The air capacity range is 540 - 80, 120 m3/h.

Operating Principle

Unclean air enters the open end of the V-shaped louvre pocket(s) and is compressed into the smaller end of the “V” pocket, where the contaminant is removed from the airstream. The clean air exits via the open louvre slots, while the dust is carried downstream by inertia with the secondary airflow into the dust chute(s). Individual chutes are connected by an external manifold through which dust laden air is conveyed by the secondary air fan for discharge.


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