Product Overview

  • AAF design - stable tapered pockets for optimum airflow
  • Exceptionally low pressure drop for extremely low energy use
  • High efficient synthetic media
  • Lightweight
ISO 16890
  • ePM1 60%
  • ePM1 65%
  • ePM1 85%
Media Type
  • Synthetic
Max. Operating Temperature
  • 70 ˚C
Special Size Available
  • No
Frame Material
  • Polyurethane
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Beechwood
  • Plastic
Filter Depth
  • 390 mm
  • 390 mm
  • 635 mm

The DriPak NXM pocket filter offers best-in-class performance on energy efficiency and ease of installation based on a unique combination of high tech filter material, pocket design and ergonomic header construction. The air filter can be used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from final filtration for office buildings to pre-filtration for sensitive processes. With the DriPak NXM filter, high indoor air quality, environmental savings and low operating costs go hand in hand.

Improved Process Performance

The health, comfort and productivity of building users largely depends on indoor air quality. The DriPak NXM filter offers an uncompromised performance of highly efficient synthetic media. The sturdy header configuration and stable tapered pockets optimize airflow for improved indoor conditions and easier filter handling and maintenance.

Environmental Savings

Based on its proprietary pocket design, with an optimized geometry for each individual filter configuration, the DriPak NXM filter has proven to be extremely energy-efficient. The DriPak NXM filter is the best performing filter in the industry, proven and certified by Eurovent. 

Beneficial Total Cost of Ownership

With the extremely low energy demand of the DriPak NXM filter, energy costs can be significantly reduced. Compared to an average pocket filter, this could save tens of dollar per air filter per year. And when the air filters have to be changed, thanks to the DriPak NXM filter's lightweight design, this can be done faster, which gives extra cost saving opportunities.


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