Product Overview

  • Available in efficiencies ePM1 and ePM10 (ISO 16890)
  • Available in filter class M5 - F8 (EN779:2012)
  • Energy efficiency class: B, C and D
  • Low resistance to airflow
  • High dust holding capacity and long service life
  • Outstanding performance in difficult operating conditions
  • M5
  • M6
  • F7
  • F8
Energy efficiency classification
  • B
  • C
  • D
Filter Depth
  • 635 mm
Media Type
  • Fibreglass
Frame Material
  • Metal
  • Plastic
Special Size Available
  • On request
  • Dry seal gasket
Max. Operating Temperature
  • 70 ˚C

Unique Design, Unparalleled Performance

DriPak Base GF fibreglass media consists of a unique blend of coarse and fine glass fibres, specifically designed and interwoven to provide a low initial resistance and a high air cleaning performance. The coarse fibres arrest the larger, heavier particles in the airstream, while the fine fibres remove the smaller particulate matter and give the filter its high efficiency classification. This media is covered by a thin layer of spunbond scrim, which serves to increase filter strength and efficiency.

High Quality Fibreglass Media

DriPak Base GF microfine fibreglass media has a proven reputation for high quality air filtration performance. This media is strong and can withstand turbulent airflow and repeated fan shutdown. DriPak Base GF filters display excellent dust holding capacity and have a long service life. These unique products are used to satisfy the clean air requirements of hospitals, office blocks, manufacturing plants, and public buildings all around the world.

Final Resistance

DriPak Base GF filters are tested in accordance with EN779:2012. The recommended final resistance of 450 Pa is for classification purposes. The temperature limit for this filter is 70oC continuous.


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