• Ideal for offshore environments
  • Salt and moisture protection
  • As little as one water wash cycle per year
  • Less downtime
  • Higher production

Water and Salt Repellent

The HydroCel has been developed to resist not only dust and dirt, but also repeated and cyclic exposure to fog, moisture and salt spray. To validate the performance of the HydroCel AAF developed a purpose-built offshore testing facility to simulate the harsh, damp conditions found in coastal and marine environments.

Lower, Stabilized Pressure Drop

The HydroCel utilizes depth loading media to ensure a lower initial pressure drop, whilst increasing dust capture and distribution during operation. This results in a filter life between 12 to 24 months, or even longer in many cases.

Optimal Media Pleating

The pleat in the HydroCel has been optimized to ensure low airflow resistance and high dust-holding capacity. The media is uniformly spaced to present a consistent, open structure. The open-pleat geometry protects against media bridging during excessive contaminant and water exposure.

Depth-loading Filtration Technology

HydroCel employs a specially designed proprietary media with unique depth-loading technology that acts as a reservoir for water, oil, hydrocarbons and dust capture.

Increase Machine Availability

The advanced filtration of AAF HydroCel filters help engine cores remain in close to new condition during operation. As a result, planned cycles between on or offline cleaning can exceed 8,000 hours where 24,000 and more is achievable. More time online means greater productivity.

Longer Engine Life

HydroCel (H)EPA technology keeps engines so clean, operators can enjoy substantially longer component life and engine reliability, protecting against aggressive salt ingestion.

Recover Lost Power

With an initial filtration efficiency of 99.5% or greater at the smallest penetrating particle size, the HydroCel (H)EPA filters can help maintain gas compressor cleanliness by recovering 6% of the power output normally lost to engine fouling in none power loss megawatt hours (Mw/hrs).

Enhancing Fuel Efficiency

The advanced filtration of the HydroCel removes airborne particles that can foul the engine compressor stator and rotor blades, helping gas turbines run efficiently even after extensive operation.

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