• Low average operating resistance
  • Longer life, less filter changeout
  • Sturdy metal cell sides
  • Flanged headers
  • Welded face guards on air entering and air leaving sides

High Efficiency

Filter utilizing a glass fiber woven media. Designed for use as the final filter stage in machinery intake systems where rigid construction and long service life are essential.

Heavy Duty

The DuraCel is a heavy duty filter constructed of all metal cell sides with spot welded face guards and header flanges on the air entering and air leaving sides.

Depth Loading

The media pack of the DuraCel filter consists of a high efficiency glass media of graduated density that ensures full depth loading.

Unique Construction

The filter media is folded between aluminum separators in a pleated design. The separators are spot glued to the adjoining media panel and then the leading edge of the separator is placed in the inside of the media fold. This unique construction feature prevents the separators from moving and puncturing the media.

Filter Life

DuraCel filter's high dust holding capacities provide an enviable filter life compared to any other rotating machinery barrier filter available.

Lower Pressure Drop

The DuraCel filter, because of its capacity, will operate at a lower average pressure drop than other high integrity barrier filters.

Fuel Saving

Lower operating pressure drop means fuel savings to the user.

Many Sizes Available

The DuraCel filter is available in all standard sizes. It will provide air cleaning efficiencies at a wide range of airflows due to the filtering properties inherent in the unique media, which acts as a barrier to dirt particles.

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