Industry Innovator in Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors

Pulse-jet fabric dust collectors are the most universally applied dust collectors for the removal of dry particulate from process and general ventilation air, and for the recovery of product from many manufacturing processes.

AAF has long been a major supplier of pulse-jet fabric dust collectors through its FabriPulse lines. In addition to the conventional design, AAF developed and introduced the FabriPulse XLC dust collector, which is able to perform off-line cleaning and on-line maintenance.

FabricPulse XLC - High Efficiency Filtration Using 'Off-Line' Cleaning

The FabriPulse XLC is truly a world-class filter for high efficiency filtration of industrial process gases. Using highly effective 'off-line' cleaning, it exceeds the most stringent environmental requirements and offers excellent accessibility and reliability.

The AAF FabriPulse XLC is a pulse-cleaned fabric filter designed to handle large gas throughputs and difficult dusts, e.g., metallurgical fumes at elevated temperatures. It is designed from proven principles and built from standardized components. This makes the AAF FabriPulse XLC both flexible and economical to operate.

It also satisfies the most stringent performance requirements economically and consistently. Our comprehensive application experience allows optimum rating of the AAF FabriPulse XLC.

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