Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

AAF International Bringing Clean Air to Life 

The Clean Air Difference

In the simplest terms, air makes life possible. The quality of the air in our homes, businesses, schools and hospitals affects not only our health, but the equipment that operates those buildings, and the goods and services they produce. Clean air can mean the difference between comfort and distress, success and failure, and even life and death.

AAF International understands the vital importance of clean air. That’s why we are committed to cleaning the indoor air around the globe to improve quality of life, increase productivity, protect critical processes and equipment, and create products that advance the human condition.

Our operating philosophy of Safety, Transparency, Accountability and Respect underlies our culture and guides us in all we do — from production to customer relations, and everything in between. These values are also the basis for our commitment to clean air.

We demonstrate that commitment by providing professional guidance and analysis to our customers that helps them reduce costs, decrease risk and save time. We are innovators, always working to develop better solutions and create new possibilities. Our in-depth understanding of improving indoor air quality with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership allows us to optimise processes and systems. And we have an unparalleled reputation for quality, through consistent, reliable execution of well-designed products and superior performance.

Living Our Brand

AAF International is dedicated to helping you protect your environment, improve your health, reduce your risk, and optimise your clean air spending. That’s why we have been successful, and that’s why we’re still here today. Our company’s tagline, “Bringing clean air to life,” is not just words on a page. As a thought leader in air filtration, we truly believe it’s our job to preserve and protect human life by bringing clean indoor air to all people across the globe.