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VariCel Filters
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With a supported pleat media pack, VariCel's rigid construction maintains a compact, unitized structure even under tough operating conditions. Variable air velocity and repeated fan shutdown do not compromise performance.

Engineered for a Variety of Applications
Type SH Single Header : VariCel filters are designed for systems originally supplied by AAF International. A unique 13/16" flanged header on the air entering side allows the filter to be easily inserted and latched into front and side access systems.

Type DH Double Header: VariCel filters are designed to upgrade air cleaning performance and reliability. Two 13/16" thick flanged headers make the filters compatible with the holding frames and latching devices of various manufacturers, including rear access systems.

XL Series: VariCel filters, single header (XL-S) and double header (XL-D), contain up to 67% more media and offer more than twice the service life of standard single and double header models.

High Temp Series: VariCel filters are designed for systems operating from 350°-900°F. Constructed of aluminized steel, High Temperature VariCel filters offer rated efficiency with proven reliability over the life of the filter. See page 4 for models and temperature limits.

Type NH Series: VariCel filters are designed for special sizes and applications, including incineration and compaction disposal systems. Manufactured of fireretardant, 3/4" thick, heavy wall particle board, Type NH VariCel filters (UL Classified) are perable at temperatures up to 200°F. The filters are constructed without headers and cell sides are flush with front face dimensions.

Additional Options:

  • VariCel filters can be ordered with faceguards made of flattened,expanded, galvanized, or aluminized steel on one or both sides of the filter.
  • Factory installed gaskets are available on the front or back of the header.
  • Vinyl coated separators are available for corrosive conditions.
  • 1 1/8" Single Header VariCels, designed for other manufacturers' equipment, are also available.
  • Antimicrobial available on MERV 11 and MERV 14 models

*Operating Temperature Limits vary by VariCel Model. Refer to the product brochure for more information. 

Filter Depth:6", 12"
MERV Rating:11, 13, 14
Max Temperature:350° F
Filter Type:Box
Header:Yes, No
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