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HEPA Filtration

Incorporating AAF’s unique Helior® filtration technology, the MEGAcel I filter has a lower initial resistance - significantly reduces energy consumption resulting in substantial energy savings and subsequent cost benefits. Applications include healthcare, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food processing and telecommunications.

AstroCel I

Standard, high efficiency models of the AstroCel I include wood and metal constructions, with optional scan testing or antimicrobial.

AstroCel II: LPD Series knife-edge cell sides

AstroCel II knife-edge filter with extruded aluminum construction. Available in HEPA or ULPA efficiencies.

AstroCel II: PharmaGel Replacement
Replacement filter for PharmaGel celing filter modules. Available in HEPA or ULPA efficiencies.
AstroCel I: AstroSeal

AstroCel l filters are constructed with a flange at the top and bottom for installation into earlier models of AstroSeal side access housings. The filters are available with wood or metal cell sides.

AAF HEPA Modules maintain the quality, the flow and the direction of the air, and the control of static differential pressure in cleanroom environments.
MEGAcel ULPA Filter

Designed to combine maximum efficiency with lowest pressure drop, the MEGAcel™ media pack is available in assorted size configurations, allowing for a variety of application requirements.

AstroCel I HTP
High temperature HEPA filter designed to provide excellent protection of high temperature processes in ultra clean environments.
AstroCel II Gasket Seal

AstroCel II gasket-seal filter with extruded aluminum construction. Available in HEPA or ULPA efficiencies.

AstroCel III
The AstroCel® III HEPA filter is the latest arrival to a unique family of mini-pleat filters designed to meet the demanding airflow and efficiency requirements of the most critical applications.
HEPA filter designed for negative air machines, environmental remediation, mold abatement, restoration and renovation and asbestos abatement.     

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