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Replacement HVAC Filtration

AAF manufactures and markets a variety of filtration products for cleaning the air in commercial, industrial and residential HVAC systems. Because the need for clean air is universal, AAF designs its products for use in all types of air filtration systems, regardless of the original manufacturer.

HEPA Filtration

AAF offers a broad range of high efficiency air filtration products including filters, ceiling grids, modules and hoods that meet the most stringent requirements for ultra-clean air.

Gas Phase

AAF offers the most complete line of gas phase filtration equipment and media in the industry.  These products target nuclear, biological and chemical gaseous contaminants and can be combined with our particulate filtration solutions to create a total solution to cleaning air.

Air Pollution Control Equipment

AAF's complete line of air filtration equipment and systems allow us to recommend the most efficient and economical solutions ranging from small, in-plant dust control problems, to large, complex systems for major air pollution control projects.

Gas Turbine Products

AAF products clean intake air for rotating machinery under all climates and environmental conditions. From the polar regions to harsh, arid desert areas, we build our products to perform. AAF also designs and manufactures sound attenuation products to meet noise reduction regulations.

Nuclear Products

AAF specializes in air cleaning systems that clean toxic, hazardous and radioactive gas streams.  All AAF nuclear-grade products meet the mandatory specifications, codes and requirements of all governing bodies and agencies.

Diesel Engine Products

AAF's industry-leading line of diesel engine intake filters and housings are proven products with an established record of performance in the transportation industry.

Air Pollution Control Filters & Parts

AAF brand replacement filters and parts are available for most air pollution control equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

Air Pollution Control Systems

AAF has extensive experience in providing complete, custom-designed filtration systems for applications larger than 30,000 acfm. Some of the areas we specialize in include: cement plant products, steel mill products, waste incinerator products and high temperature processes.

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