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Self Cleaning Filters

Self-cleaning or “pulse” filters have the unique ability to receive short bursts of reverse flow air to “blow off” or remove particulates that build up on the filter face.  They are commonly used in dry, high dust areas as well as artic regions where filter icing can occur.  The pulse system’s key benefit is longer running times between filter change outs.

Recommended Products
Cartridge Filters
Specifically designed to withstand harsh gas turbine operating environments, AAF gas turbine cartridge filters are made of a high strength polyester reinforced media for unsurpassed resistance to abrasion and rupture.
Augmented Self-Cleaning Panel Pak
Engineered to work with the original AAF Augmented Self-Cleaning Intake Air System for gas turbines, the ASC filters are made of high-efficiency pleated media specially treated to be moisture resistant. Ideal for high humidity environments, ASC filters are constructed of a galvanized steel frame.

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